About Us

We appreciate you stopping by! We remain thrilled to be able to present you with artistry in portraiture and story telling. Let us tell you what sets us apart:

Competitive Edge – awarded photographer of the year 2013-2014

Experience – 25 years! – That’s 10 times the average “pro”

Studio Design – an acre of beautiful outdoor gardens and sets for seniors

Session Design – blending fashion, contemporary, and classic – your style shines through!

Extras (no charge)

We offer
• Full makeup services

• Complete retouch

• Yearbook and facebook images free!

Plus you can’t beat our swag, drinks, & warm cookies!

Have you heard about our model program?

All of our customers can be models for Roser Photography!
Refer a friend and you’ll receive a $100 thank you credit
while your friend receives $50.

Excellent, right? We think so!

Our Awesome Team:

Barb Portrait

Barbara has been a portrait photographer for many decades. There’s something about her that makes people feel at ease, which means she always get a gorgeous portrait of a person/people. Barb has a snappy sense of humor, loves cracking jokes and sipping iced tea, and can be found most days working in her garden when she’s not behind a camera or retouching on the computer. Barb has a passion for making people feel beautiful and it shows in her work.


Doug keeps the operation running smoothly behind-the-scenes. A former accountant, you can find Doug in diverse roles at BRP. We like to think he’s the glue that holds it all together. Doug is an avid consumer of current events, but remains a punny, upbeat cheerleader for us all.

Serena Headshot.jpg

Serena is the photographer’s right hand. Serena serves diverse roles here too, from stylist to make up/hair, photography assistant to retoucher and graphic designer for print collateral. Serena has been in the BRP family since she was a child and is an aspiring entrepreneur herself. She helps keep us stylish, fresh, and up-to-date with her fun energy.


Jess Minckley is a former college teacher and Master of Fine Art. Jess is the designer of our website, branding elements, and print marketing materials. Jess is also the administrator of social media accounts at BRP. Jess’s design business is Minc Work, an art and wellness enterprise that started in the Pacific Northwest. Jess loves rescue dogs, (probably too much,) good food, road trips spent listening to audio books on psychology, and helping others. Jess is also a creative life coach in her spare time, working to heal people through the arts and mindfulness.